Tips for Classroom Design

Two weeks ago I got married. With the end of that beautiful wedding and day came the rush of a new task beyond flowers and cake. I needed to begin what all of us teachers feel as a bitter sweet task. Designing our classroom. I have moved into a room of a teacher that has been in there for 28 years… that’s a lot of history (and pressure). So how does one go into their classroom and make it their own?

  1. Take Your Time: This room isn’t going anywhere you don’t have to rush into it. (Just don’t wait until the last second). Go in with zero plans but to sit and imagine. I had to go in my rooms several times just to think of how I wanted it. Go in when you can be alone jot out ideas of how you want it.
  2. Realize this room is YOURS change it: The biggest issue I had with designing my new room is realizing it was MINE. Not the former teachers. At first I couldn’t imagine moving furniture, or changing the overall flow of the room. Then I realized I HAD TO. If I left the books where they were I couldn’t create my beloved book nook. If I keep the desks how they were it wouldn’t fit my form of teaching. It can be hard to make your stance on a room that wasn’t yours before, but it is NOW. Move things around, shake it up, you’ll be happy you did.
  3. Pick a color palate: This is a mistake I see a lot. Teachers get lost in all the Target Dollar spots and deals that they don’t pick a color pallet. I am all for the rainbow. I LOVE color. However, I always pick 2-4 colors and stick with them. Last year it was lime green and teal. This year I added hot pink and yellow to add that tropical feel. After that I will add a bit of purple here, orange there but the main colors will stay the same. This helps give a over all cohesion to the room. My bulletin boards were all pink, yellow, and teal just in different orders.
  4. Pick a Character or Art Piece to Focus On: For me this year it is Pineapples and Flamingos. Last year it was Flip Flops and Surfboards. Just one or two clips arts or items to focus on can really help with the room just as much as the color scheme. It can help so much with designing your newsletter, power points, and behavior management as well.
  5. Remember it’s Not Just YOUR Room: At the end of your design remember, you have little humans wanting to make their mark on the room too. Remember to have a spot to hang their work, I have a board labeled “Sun”-Sational work. I event have a place where they work on an art piece the first day of school (this year it will be designing a pineapple) and have it hang there until they leave the last day. You can make the room as beautiful as you want, but leave room for the little ones too.

The classroom is your office, home, and base for the new year. Create it with love and care and you cannot go wrong in your designs!





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