Teaching Isn’t a Job

Teaching is not a job. It is not a career. It is not something you go to 9-5 each day.

    Teaching is a passion. It is a calling. It is something that pulls us up out of bed even when we don’t want to. It is working side jobs to pay for those pencils, or manipulatives you want for your students. It is the Saturday nights watching Netflix as you grade essays and sip on coffee. There are the days we cry, the days we laugh, and times where we sit in our car questioning why we did this. Then we see a child understand something, or accidentally call us “mom,” and we remember.

If you are entering this profession, and you are seeing it as a job. Then you might as well turn right back around. This job will push your patience, your limits, your good nature. It will pull your purse strings, and make you realize why we have summer breaks. This isn’t something you do for a summer break, you do it for the time in between the summers. That is why we get a summer break.

However, if you are joining this field because you love kids, you want to make a change in their lives, you’re okay with late nights and early mornings, and being poor. Well welcome. We are happy to have you here.


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