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Beware the TPT Black Hole

It doesn’t require you to be in the teaching profession to know what Teachers Pay Teachers is. However, if somehow you have dodged this then I can briefly explain. Teachers Pay Teacher is an AMAZING site where teachers upload digital files that you can buy. Need a cute activity for the first day of school? There’s millions of them. Just print and go! Just watch out for how much you spend along the way..

Tips to avoid the Black Hole…

  1. Find a few select sellers you love and trust. That way it narrows down your search.
  2. Remember to review items to get TPT credit. Save you some $$$ along the way.
  3. Be honest with yourself, do you really need it?
  4. Print it out, and save it in a binder. Tell yourself to check those first before you buy again.
  5. Know that YOU’RE also creative. If you are a teacher, you probably are just as likely to be creative and fun. Take the time to create your on games and activities.

Teachers Pay Teachers is a great resources, but don’t lose your paycheck over it. Sometimes I am shocked at how much money I have spent, and honestly things I forgot I had already bought. Be honest with yourself, and save some money.


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