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Why I went for “Kindness Elves” instead of “Elf on the Shelf”

So I will be completely honest. I did not want to do an elf this year. I thought that as cute as they could be I did not need more mischief in my class than I already had *cough cough**. So I had written off the whole idea. Then my students begged, they pleaded, and… Continue reading Why I went for “Kindness Elves” instead of “Elf on the Shelf”

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Beware the TPT Black Hole

It doesn't require you to be in the teaching profession to know what Teachers Pay Teachers is. However, if somehow you have dodged this then I can briefly explain. Teachers Pay Teacher is an AMAZING site where teachers upload digital files that you can buy. Need a cute activity for the first day of school?… Continue reading Beware the TPT Black Hole


Tips for Classroom Design

Two weeks ago I got married. With the end of that beautiful wedding and day came the rush of a new task beyond flowers and cake. I needed to begin what all of us teachers feel as a bitter sweet task. Designing our classroom. I have moved into a room of a teacher that has… Continue reading Tips for Classroom Design